That's What Friends Are For

I love my kids and their friends. I swear, if it weren't for them life would be pretty dang boring.

If I had a nickel for everytime the dog barked over the holidays, to greet friends, I'd be rich. Oh, and richer still if someone paid up everytime Mark threatened to drop kick the dog.

But the rich ones are my kids (and me) for all the gifts of love, loyalty, and laughter that friends have brought into their lives! I want them all to know, and I hope somehow my kids have demonstrated to them how empty their lives would be if each and everyone of these guys weren't around.... In alphabetical order, of course. Amy, Annie, Ashleigh, Ashley, Brennan, Christie, David, Jake, Leah, Mary, Meg, Mooch, Nick, and Tom. I feel privileged to call you all friends of the family. And I pray that all of you find true peace and happiness as you travel down life's path and in and out of our door!

And finally, more than two years after they started hanging out and almost a year since the show ended, Ross and Rachel are finally together.

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