It's Your Turn

Sometimes, when certain people say, "what's for dinner?" I want to curl up in the fetal position and tear my face off.

Who, when, where and why were the household chores divvied up so that it is usually the male species asking the question and then he assumes that the female should come up with a reasonable answer?

Wonder how same sex couples cope with this dilemma? This is just another form of racism and bigotry and somehow, someway, somebody has got to put a stop to this madness. So yeah, as you can tell I'm not really a fan of menu planning, cooking, grocery shopping, and doing dishes.

Oh, don't get me wrong....I have menus, yeah, let's see there's chicken broccoli casserole night, hot pockets night, chicken broccoli casserole leftover night, but even if you add in pizza hut night and cereal night that still leaves 2 nights unaccounted for.

If we learned everything we know in Kindergarten, then the solution to this problem would be to take turns. So that is what we will do...after all you wouldn't want to be responsible for me tearing my own face off now, would ya?

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