What Day Is It?

It's obvious there should be no white boys in the American Idol top 12 contestants
Jake and Christie stopped by, and we have yet to hear of her "Youth with a Mission" adventures.
Vote early and vote often....it's all about the kids, not the almighty dollar.
Two cars in the shop cannot be good for my mental health.
Aunt Normie was one of my 32 eccentric aunts and uncles, but she also wins in my favorite category. Until we meet again.
I want to read Fear and Loathing
While the Cat's away, the mice are doing all the work.
Every aspect of the theatre is growing on me
Mark has pulled yet one more relative from the brink of dell destruction over to the wonderful world of Apple. Congratulations John.
We've rented a motor home for August 19 ~ September 9. I pray any video footage we collect never ends up in a movie starring Chevy Chase.

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