Here's A Riddle For You

What can one really say in a public journal about the "S" word. It's invigorating. It actually releases endorphins in your brain that can result in an indescribable high. It's always there but you can't always have it. Any guesses? Sometimes the addiction is so strong the urge to taste of it leads one to do things they might later regret. The memory of it fades almost instantly. Ah hah! I caught you heading down the 3-letter "S" word road. Ooops!! My bad, it does have 3 letters. Alas, my friend, the S-word I speak of is far greater! There are diseases that lay their blame on the fact that we don't get enough of it. One can develop certain types of fevers and mood swings from a lack of this S-word. In fact, we would literally die without it. (Yes, it's true. I know because my cabin fever was at a very dangerous level just a few short hours ago) So you can imagine my relief and excitement this morning when I arose early (I didn't even have to set the alarm, Kate) and tasted of the S U N
Hallelujah, I'm walking on sunshine!
Post Script: Sometimes I think the mental bandwagon drove by while I was napping.

Ever had that last party guest that doesn't know when to go home? It's name is winter. Last night it felt like we had sub-zero temperatures. In the living room. I find some solace in flipping the calendar page and for those of you that don't know me well, I had a baby on March 3, 1983 and it was 70 degrees. Ok, then bring it! My schedule for the next 3 weeks is crazy. More later! There is life on Mars Hill!

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