Garden Party

Leah you came from the north at just the right time
Your humor, friendship, and grace put a smile on her face
Not a worry was ours when she was out till all hours
With a clear voice and strong choice you humbly explained
Politics or world views could not dim the good friends you remain
Tree, Pop, Chamber, Uh uh, Youth Arts, and State
You two could write, act, and sing you own tango some day
Seize the day, especially Waffle Cone Wednesday
When you’re feelin’ groovy, take in one more hometown movie
Now ‘s your time to shine, my you look fine
At Express make it wrinkle free for your trip
Like Portia and Joy underneath all the sass
Stay true to each other and bring it to the New Kids Class
Now it’s time to turn west and lest we forget
Dream Big, Shine, Break-a-leg, Glad we met! 

Dear Leah,
It’s just a good thing you two are going to be
together in the fall, because I think we would all
need therapy to get through the good-bye’s.
I really don’t have the words to explain what you 
have meant to Melissa, besides someone 
already wrote them and put the song on 
broadway. Hold fast to your friends and family
but reach out to new horizons every day. I want
backstage passes to all your performances.

Congratulations and God Bless You, Leah!

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