Hear For The Party

It’s hard to remember, maybe sometime in September
When you two souls came together
Friends you’ll remain, long past this life, and therefore forever
The memories are vivid
Pentwater, Pond, OM, & Moms
The similarities remain
Birthdays, initials, siblings & more of the same
I wish for you both success, love, and dreams
Don’t wait for reunions to connect with each other
No excuse with technology, no matter your geography
Now as you part keep all in your heart
The secrets, the news, the gossip and more
For both mom’s sake, once in a while, meet up at the shore
If it weren’t for you, I’d definitely say
At times, Melissa would have surely lost her way!
Dear Meghan,
You have been a true friend in every sense
of the word. Although we don’t know how your 
stories will end, you have changed Melissa for 
good. Your sense of humor, caring attitude, and
concern for others is profoundly mature. Make 
sure you learn from all our mistakes. We wish for
you peace, joy, and happiness. You deserve 

nothing less. Congratulations and God Bless You!

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