Who Knew?

I'm done! If she doesn't care, I don't care anymore. I was hoping she could hold out until prom (last year's gorilla costume should have thrown up a huge red flag). And a photo op in ridiculous mortar board hats has no sentimental value to her whatsoever. Heaven forbid we mix and match friends before prom to snap a few photos of kids she went to elementary school with. Who knew that was the freakin unpardonable sin? 
Any shape, form or semblance of caring has all but evaporated and her nonchalant attitude has finally worn me down. 
So yeah, saves me a ton of scrapbooking hours. 
Her pendulum has swung so far to uncaring that unbeknownst to her she has put herself in the same category as the ones who care to a fault. The tone of her---- "whoops, pretty sure I missed NHS induction tonight"----- was the final straw. Just the touch of sarcasm without a hint of regret brought me reeling out of the dark place I call denial instead of living vicariously. She is so blatantly selfish that she can't see her attitude is no better than someone who might need long term therapy if they don't receive student of the month! And I'm now feeling guilty and probably could use a good strong dose of pinot grigio therapy for caring so much about the fact that she doesn't care.
And so we plod on. 
To her, she has 16 more days of high school hell when sadly, even though she will never admit it, only 16 days remain of some of the best days of her life. Too bad she couldn't have chosen this week to flick corn at the principal because she would just as soon not "walk." I'm thinking of heading down to the Walker Arena at around 8:55pm....just in time for the "W's." And to think I almost used "In My Daughter's Eyes" in her video montage. I do believe her head would have exploded. Someday she will look back with regret. And I will proudly say what we've all been thinking..."I told you so." Only, someday never comes.

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