Just A Little Bit

I’ve had all kinds of plans for this week, trouble is, so did everybody else.  Let’s see.  Honors Convocation.  I had planned on it, Melissa hadn’t, and so it seemed kinda fruitless to go watch someone else’s kid gather their money.  Instead I went to the beach for a couple of hours, lots of thinking and writing.  Also on Monday I turned into what proved to be a sounding board for Jennifer’s life from about ’97 to present.  I swear she is going to be ok!  I asked her what makes her heart beat faster?  She said it used to only be Springhill, but now she has her new venture into college when she returns from what might be her last summer at camp.  The whole gang was out in the circle drive to welcome her home for the summer.  I think the city wears her down, and pressures her to perform to its expectations and rhythms.  She likes to march to her own drum.  Everybody needs a little time away.  So Tuesday I had stuff to do like watch Rob and Amber get married and listen to Bo and Carrie sing 6 ridiculously boring songs.  All this after an afternoon of dealing with Sears and a lemon lawnmower.  $93. to repair a  $210. mower we used for 3 months.  Them:  it needed a new blade and a tuneup.  Me:  Oh, because it was so well built or because the thing we call a lawn is in, actuality, a rock garden?  Them:  Well it should be under warranty.  Me: Ya’d  think?  Them: That’ll be $93.  But Mark and I got to go out to eat at Logan’s.  So, yeah!  And then I was just about to finish Rob and Amber’s wedding when the choir banquet crew showed up and took the TV and living room hostage.  I went to bed.  Now it’s Wednesday.
 Work = It’s hard to get through to, and take design criticism from a young engineer that has absolutely no right side of a brain.
High School =  A system where kids that have been caught and MIP’d get to travel to Washington DC and sing at the White House and the typical, strong-willed, opinionated, independent thinkers get nailed for leaving class 10 minutes early for lunch. Just think of it this way…this surely is your last detention.
Bathroom Tile Job = hopefully finished by the time I get home.
TV = torn!  2-hour Lost season finale… a 2- hour American Idol season finale that could be summed up in about ½ a minute. AND basketball.  TIVO = my hero.
Dinner = Pizza or cereal
Pistons = Deuce

Class Clown = hat trick, 3-peat, trifecta.  Makes a parent proud.

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