Let's Get It Started

Mary Mary, quite contrary, actually you’re not!
You gave new meaning without all that scheming
To the word friend ‘specially from Melissa’s end
You’ve hung on tight to the ride of your life
Our prayers will ask for minimal strife
We know you’ll soar you can sleep on our floor
Take the good with the bad ass
Look out for your friend and all her sass
Grab the future and fly, touch the sky, T.C.B.Y.
Hold fast to your morals, get a dress at Express
I’m sure this note is making you feel groovy
Take in one more skeetown movie
And now I must close to keep my pride intact
As you go rolling on life’s river
We were proud to know Mary, that’s a fact.
Dear Mary,
I had to make this silly and funny or I would 
probably be recovering from a nervous 
breakdown. Seriously, though, we’ve all been 
blessed to have you in our lives. And I’m sure
this is only the beginning of what God has 
waiting in the wings for you. With much love, 
affection, and quite a few tears we wish you
nothing but the best life has to offer.

Congratulations and God Bless You, Mary!

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