Happy Birthday Nic and Chelsea

#1 I am frantically working on a video montage of Melissa & Company. I have already nailed down songs for baby, girlfriends, funny, sentimental, leaving and, of course, family. The boy friends (and I use the term lightly) are throwing me for a loop! Great photos! Any suggestions for music would be greatly appreciated. P.S. I've already thought of, and passed on Ben Folds~ Songs For Silverman ~ yeah, you know which one I'm talking about. Why Ya Gotta Act Like Ya Know When Ya Don't Know?

#2 I wonder if Melissa remembers that when Jen returned from her choir trip we hung "Welcome Home" banners over the whole garage door and ordered a balloon bouquet that actually caused her to levitate somewhat.

#3 Contemplating selling a small car and/or dog and installing central air.

#4 Maybe I should go into the matchmaking business? Oh, the things that go on in my head...there isn't enough paper or gigabytes. 

WARNING: Stop reading now.

#5 Hey all you big pharmaceutical companies....stop working on these drugs: 1) side effect=death. 2) making things appear larger than they are or last longer than is humanly called for, and start working on something that will actually work on my PMS.

I warned you.

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