Picture Perfect

Picture perfect.

Coming Soon: Pictures

There aren't many summer evenings in West Michigan that can claim that title. Tonight is one of them.

There's no place like the back yard. The wind is almost non existent, I have a little campfire going. The flowers are peaking out between the pickets and it’s just me and my Mike’s H.L. in the back yard soaking it all in. I seriously have it too good. We are all absolutely too affluent and complacent. I joined the ONE campaign. But still, c’mon! There seems like so much more I could do. Jesus told the rich man to sell all he had and give to the poor...he knew that would be the hardest thing for the man to do. Copying the Catholics and their 40 day lent ritual, I’m gonna give up something...

Melissa, Mark and I drove up to Evart to visit Ben for his birthday. We took dessert and the dog. It was very strange driving into Evart and going right past the Springhill road. Ben, Annie, and Jen were on his front porch ready to greet us and even though we came bearing Brazil and birthday presents they all three acted like they had won the lottery when the dog jumped out of the car. As usual there was a gang from camp relaxing for the evening. Tony and Matt who had come to visit us last weekend were there. Well, Matt lives there so of course he was there. Ben announced that a few of them including Tony are coming home again this weekend for some Lake Michigan time. Nice guy that Tony is.

I have now hired two cohorts in my new business. Annie and Kate. It’s time to put the plan into action. Who wants to go first? 

Ya know what else is perfect out here....there are no bugs! 

Watched some tennis lately. Could the line judges at Wimbledon be dressed any frumpier? I guess it’s done that way so that no one is dressed any better than the royalty that frequents the all England club occasionally. Don’t worry. 

The Tour de France started today. 

Melissa has not stopped talking about Brazil and/or sleeping since she got back. Except for today. She has 8 hours of Live8 concerts on TIVO. A girl from her choir contacted Malaria on the Amazon and so we have been alerted to watch for headaches, fever, and nausea. Scary.

The fire is crackling and the embers are doing a little smore-like dance.
The sun is setting. 
Still no bugs.
Definitely blessed.

...So long Mike’s

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