Young At Heart

Happy birthday Dad! I love you! And thank you! Thank you for your strong faith and making Jesus real to me. Thank you for sticking with it for over 50 years (or maybe I should be thanking mom for that one). Thank you for teaching me about life by just living yours as best you knew how. Thank you for all your moral, ethical, and yes even your stubborn lessons. Thank you for making mistakes that I have inevitably learned not to make. But mostly, thank you for showing me the closest thing on this earth to unconditional love. Keep cheating and stealing those years away from that old "three score and ten" nonsense. God bless you dad, as you celebrate life today. 
Speaking of July, Disney, and birthdays: I forgot a couple of characters. 
July 7 = Don. You're not getting any older your just adding some new titles like GRANDPA. 
July 7 = Ardy. For crying out loud, give me a call. Let's do lunch, and the beach. It's hot damn!
July 8 = Ron. I will remember you. Will you remember me? I'M THE MICHIGAN RELATIVE. Come over right away.
July 17 = Disneyland's 50th. Ahhhhhh 1955 it was a very good year.
July 18 = Happy Anniversary Kate & Mark. You guys put the "we" in "I do"
July 22 = Angela. It is definitely time to party. Hope you can make it. I know I'm gonna make a great aunt.
July 29 = Kate. It falls on a Friday...so I guess I'm automatically invited to the party :)
July 30 = Happy Anniversary to you Mark. Consider this your card.

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Mark thinks I need to clarify that he was the one I had in to paint the bathroom. See, you already knew that didn't you? And Jen tells me I can't say anything about Tony, prematurely. My mom read my post entitled 7.2.05 and wanted to know who Mike was? Stay tuned.

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