Dear Max & Lilly,

Yesterday broke sunny and warm just as it did 34 years ago on July 30.  I remember it clearly, for that's the day Grandma and Grandpa Grover got married.  Even though I wore long sleeved AND polyester the dress was beautiful and the groom handsome as ever. Young love.

The wedding was in a small baptist church decorated with red pew benches light blue walls and a combination red and blue carpet.  Great Grandparent's Lloyd & Thelma threw a poolside lawn reception for family and friends.  Trendsetters.

A few high school friends, almost all the relatives, church family, and a ton of college friends came to enjoy the day.  Quite an eclectic group, to say the least.  Michiana.

Your great grandpa Lloyd sang, "Sunrise, Sunset" from Fiddler On The Roof.  The congregation sang, "Great Is Thy Faithfullness" and we promised to love, honor, cherish and OBEY. Vows.

I know by the time you read this, we'll have already told you stories about this day as well as, August, 18, & 20 from '06 & '07, and it may be that you won't even care about the details until way down the road when you're thinking about your own wedding.  Sunrise, sunset.

But I just wanted to let you know that we've made it 34 years with the wedding vows, but we kinda fell in love all over again when you two came into our lives.  Milestones.
PS.  Max, here's a picture you can use if your bride wants to put up some generational photos, and Lilly, the dress is in the cedar closet at 5435.  Circle of life.

I love you both and I'm praying for your young lives,
Grandma Juls

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cityfarmer said...

you're an extra ordinary example for all of us lovers ...
oh to go back and unwaste time ...