Chicago Celebrity Buzz

President Obama landed along Lakeshore Dr in Chicago just as Hillsong United took to the stage at the Jesus Culture Gathering. (Click Streaming Live to watch)

Facebook became all a twitter with helecoptor pictures and sightings of the spectacle.

Ask anyone at the All State Arena or those who watched via livestream and they'll tell you Jesus was in the house ... mingling with the locals and introducing newbies to his Father.

President Obama is in town to celebrate his birthday by hosting numerous $38,000+ per plate democratic fundraisers.

Jesus is in town to rescue the perishing.

There is little access to President Obama.  He has is own plane and helicoptor fleets.  Streets are closed, manhole covers are  locked down. Security is tight.

Jesus stands at the door and knocks. The Bible says if you invite him in, he'll come in and eat dinner with you!

If someone paid the price, would you attend?

Eternity hangs in the balance.

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cityfarmer said...

please got to www. foxvalleychurch.org and listen to the series we're in
called dinner with Jesus ...

see you at the banquet feast