City Sidewalks, Busy Sidewalks

Our small town Christmas celebration is this week-end.  I'll be seeing most of it through my viewfinder, but hope to meet up with ya downtown and share some Christmas cheer!  Maybe Dollar General'll put in a soda fountain.  

Mom's Diner 
It's a place they say no longer exists, 
I traveled and looked along Route 66. 
Some try to emulate restaurants of old 
Ed Debevics Chicago is one, so I'm told. 

Authentic here's the operative word 
Please tell me I'll find one, don't say I'm absurd. 
Checkerboard floor and "Eat Here" neon sign 
Red vinyl booths,  jukebox, and no fancy wine. 

Meat loaf, cheeseburgers, and crinkle cut fries 
The 'must haves' continue with sweet apple pies. 
Chrome swivel stools and fountain poured Coke 
Guest check for less than ten bucks, no joke. 

Blender milk shakes made in front of your face 
Starbursts, boomerangs make up counter space. 
Sassy wait staff, snaps their gum, knows your name 
Bowling alley adjoined; throw some darts, play a game. 

Housewives sans aprons with kids on their laps 
Blue Ribbon farmers in John Deere baseball caps. 
Impromptu dancing, 2-step, jitterbug 
Steaming hot coffee in a big white fat mug. 

Give me the feeling of riding a train 
Film Bounty commercials and souvenirs' reign. 
Where angled signs flash their neon galore 
Americana is what I long for. 

I've not left hungry, my search goes on still 
Cracker Barrels appear at each exit and hill. 
Comfort food, nostalgia, I want to enlist 
This place, I fear...only in my mind does exist. 

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