Read through the Bible
Read my book list (at the least)
Write a book(s)
Get healthy
Keep a thankful spirit
2x a month cooking
Stay off facebook
Start a non-profit
Enjoy Max & Lilly 
Save the Depot
Pray without ceasing
Mentor someone
Build the business
Be bold in my faith
Do the dishes
Go to bed early
Get up early

Think outside the box/bin (hence the photo, courtesy of Mother Earth News)
Plan the "studio", the "trip", and the "party" (more on this later)
Make the bed
Feed the cats
Restore the barn
Capture the brides
Give it away
Put it away
Throw it away
Dream dreams
No excuses
Take the blame
See miracles
Prayer Walking
          Today ~ Praying for: my niece Ariel, with  YWAM.
                          :for my niece Angela, with her online magazine  launch
                          :for my friend Kate, as she lays her wonderful FIL, Bill, to rest.
Pray, Read, and Write some more.

Call me crazy, but I think this list is doable. God help me.


Kate said...

Good plan. Let's do it together! (even long distance if we must!)

Jay DePoy said...


I remember you, and your grace.

Thanks for keeping in touch, and remembering my family from a distance. You blessed me today, so I just wanted to let you know that I'm grateful!

Jerry DePoy Jr, (Chief of sinners, Recovering Pharisee, Prisoner of Hope).