Born To Mom

The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once ~ Albert Einstein
On 7.1.79 my life changed forever, as I became a mom for the first time.  Once again, on 7.1.03, my timeline states, 'began writing'.  

Of course, I'll always remain a mom, but as I sit and contemplate my life this morning, 7.1.12, I realize just how drastically my job descriptions have changed over the years.

The labor pains are long forgotten.  The babies have all been pushed from the nest. The prayers, concerns, hopes, dreams, and joy continue, as the blessings flow.

I wanted to insert here, the letter I wrote to Ben in 2003, but alas, as of June 30 most of my "online" journals have gone to the big mac graveyard in the sky, and I'm not talking about iCloud.

It's just as well, Ben's best work, wasn't even a twinkle in his eyes back then.  Husband and Dad are where you shine, son! Happy birthday and many many more.

Even though 'mobile me' is no longer...they can't touch my scrapbooking.


Anonymous said...

Thanks mom! I now know the feeling and it's great!

Freygirl said...

That was so sweet! You ARE one AMAZING momma!