You're Still The One

Of all the things my parents sold, gave away, handed out, or simply do not know what happened to  ... 

So I wanted to find out if you e-mailed a pin to someone, if they needed a pinterest account to view it.

Me to Mark:  "I'm gonna send you an e-mail from pinterest, would you let me know if you can view it since you don't have a pinterest account.

Mark: "I do have  pinterest."

Me in my head, "So glad our relationship is fresh, new, and exciting every day."

Me outloud; "You do? What's your pinterst name, I'd like to see this."

Mark: "Brannman27" I proceed to search for him and find a blank account with no boards and no pins.

Mark from basement via instant message, "What do I have on my pinterest board?"

Me, laughing out loud: "Nothing."

Next im from basement, "Can you come here, please?"

Pinned from Brannman27's Airstream Trailer Board

"We've been together since way back when,
Sometimes I never wanna see you again,
But I want you to know
After all these years,
You're still the one I want whispering in my ear.
You're still the one that makes me laugh,
You're still the one that's my better half.
We're still havin' fun and you're still the one."
As sung by Orleans, not Shania

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Disclaimer: You may need a Pinterest Account to view these?

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