Retro Camper

I was this close to buying my dream 1967 Shasta Camper this week-end. I shoulda hit the road the minute I saw "Vintage Shasta Starflyte" on Craigslist just up the spell a bit from my empty detached garage. Well, almost empty. I'm sure "Aunt Velm," my '94 mini van, would have welcomed a friendly cohabitant. I've probably watched Toy Story one too many times. 

So as I attempted to fire up CL again and resume my search, my body language  must have screamed "end of a dream" as Mark offered,  "I'm sorry about your camper, but there'll be another one." But this one, with it's avocado stove and oven,  upper bunk for grandkids, and original shasta wings WAS my camper. 

That is, it was mine, until they sold it this morning, AND  I found MY camper five minutes later on SW MI CL.

It's not a shasta, and it's not pre 70's, but $750 and a road trip to the middle of the mitten, preferably in a vehicle with a hitch, and this puppy's mine.

"Make your Vintage Camping dreams come true, or realize your worst nightmares, with this classic 1975 "Majestic Yellowstone" Camino! Join the "Smart People", who are relaxing every weekend in their own vintage camper! This thing has "Divorce" written all over it! You'll love it (you'd better, because your spouse will make you sleep in it in the driveway, if your neighbors don't make you move it)! Don't plan on cooking anything inside, because the previous owners removed the kitchen, and plumbing to the bathroom. Otherwise, intact inside and doesn't stink. Miraculously, the roof doesn't leak, probably because there must be 5 gallons of tar on it. Body is solid, dent free, although the plastic fenders are history, and there is some water damage at the left lower corner of the front window. Tows good, good tires (well, OK tires), brakes on both axles, come get it and go "Glamping". Or drag it out into the woods for deer camp. Just get it out of my yard."


www.kidsenRoute.com said...

Love it! I keep trying to talk hubby into the RV lifestyle. Maybe when the kids are out of preschool we'll give it a go.

Owen said...

If that is the actual ad, that is hilarious.