This IS Michigan!

Nothing says Michigan quite like red and black plaid …                                                                   ...except maybe this!
I've had a couple of great days here in the great lake state. In fact, Halloween '13 and my 58th birthday could possibly end up at the top of the warm memory pile.  I spent the whole day with my granddaughter (and the rest of the MI family). Grandpa and I tag teamed so he sent me pics of my grandson.  
You've got a friend in me.  
Jesse & Woody

I'm waiting on a few pics, positive they won't do justice to hh with my not-quite-as-old-as-me friend, her younger-than-her-years mom, and my youngest-old-soul daughter, who braved the traffic and surprised me. Just the loveliest friday birthday happy hour.  

And now for a sneak peak at, yet another, bucket list check mark.

Let's back up a couple days.  I came to Michigan, by myself, to sorta sort some things out and wait to help out, as needed, when grandchild #3 arrives on the scene.  Feelings and old taxes need to be sorted every so often.  I've been neglecting both.  So I called up the garbage service and loaded the container twice already. Garbage in, garbage out. And then I bought myself a retro camper.

On all outward appearances (namely, my husband's) she will look like a ton of work, and he may possibly even tag it a lost cause. But she will look beyond---to Michigan State Parks with Max and Lilly, and she pictures the Mr. and Mrs.  enjoying the great outdoors in their wonder years.  She's gonna need a name and was most likely built in the late 60's. Her copper brown oven, Michigan itself, some hippieish fabric, and thermos plaid will be the inspiration for the makeover.  She'll need a Peace sign and a smiley face, for sure. She won't like to be overstuffed or overpacked as she hosts life's happy adventures. But who needs all that baggage anyway?

Let it go.

Dump some stuff in the garbage.

Lighten the load and hit the road.

Who knows the trails  "Happy" will take us down? Who can ever see into the future? And even though the wedding reception shed would be the perfect place for renovations,  it will remain to be seen, if she ventures to Indiana. One thing is certain ...

…she'll always call Michigan, home.

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I love your optimism. I hope you enjoy every single mile you put on your vintage little camper. Happy Trails to you.