Cable Guy

Apparently for only $5.00 more a month we can add HD TV to our system.

 "What?" "You mean to tell me with all the cords, outlets, inputs, and color coded wires we already have, not a one of them can make the reception as crystal clear or by definition, high?"

Behind our TV looks like the dashboard of some kind of space machine that hasn't even been invented yet.

I am always amazed at the handiwork of God in creating the mind, heart, and soul in each of us. And He did it all on the 6th day and there hasn't been an upgrade or a different operating system, since. All through the holiday season, as I drove over the bridge, I lovingly admired the colored Christmas lights adorning each light pole. It conjured up in my mind a childhood fascination with the magical merry-go-round. But one day, I had to be into work early, and from the conference room window I stood mesmerized by the most glorious sunrise I had ever seen. It made every holiday display pale. I couldn't move, and as all of my human doubt faded away, I heard someone say, "Here, I painted this for you."

And there is more where that came from...the best sunsets in Michigan are in late January and February and they come in HD. And so I sit, this afternoon. between the hours of 1 and 5pm and wait to get my high......definition. Then I think I will immediately step out for some fresh air, aka---head to the beach for my "fix" of the good stuff.

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