People will support that which they help create ~ Mary Kay Ash

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs you have nothing on me, except maybe a little extra spending money. I have a living, breathing, live-in tech support guy. I'm not kidding you, Mark is a genius when it comes to computers.

I wasn't going to post this journal on my website until I had complete control, and I could just sit down, type a few lines about my day, preview, and publish with my eyes closed. Almost every weekend since Christmas, I have been reading, studying, previewing and publishing the blog to nowhere.

Finally, on a cold snowy, sunshine less, Saturday, around the end of January, Mark, (Ben) and I win the battle. We reached Mordor. So imagine my surprise on Thursday when I get ready to post and nothing. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. No big deal, I have Friday off, I will fix it myself.

Once again, I must reiterate that I live with a genius. He gets home from a long day of mindless deliveries, clicks on a couple of keys, cleans a few cache files, zaps a P-RAMM, disks the utilities, defrags the hard drive and voila, I'm back in the blogging business.

What a guy. I am going to have to force quit the mean spirited remarks about him having no life.

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