What If God Were One Of Us

Perhaps too much of everything is as bad as too little ~ Edna Ferber

I was so pleased to see the sun yesterday that I felt somewhat intoxicated. I literally said out loud, while walking my little dog, "welcome back old friend!!"

I love Michigan more that anything, but c'mon this isn't Alaska, we're in the 40th parallel for crying out loud. January's total sunshine= 24 hours.

Not making plans for spring break is coming back to haunt me.

Life coach. Perhaps that is what I'll be when I grow up. According to the USA today people that need a little fire lit under them are hiring Life Coaches. You pay me $200-$300 per session and I will. for sure, give you a little constructive criticism, some direction for the task at hand, an "atta boy" pat on the back, or even some good old fashioned bobby knight praise.

I am still so angry about the super bowl half time that I have quit wearing a seatbelt. Reality TV has spun out of control. Someone should suggest that Donald Trump go on extreme makeover, or better yet, just have all his apprentice wannabes' hold him down and give him a buzz cut.

Happy Belated Groundhogs Day. Only in America would we keep alive a moronic tradition such as this. Puxatawny Phil. Puxatawny Schmil.

And I wonder why God isn't one of us.

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