Living Vicariously

I see who I want to be in my daughter's eyes.     ****

Jen is winging her way to Europe for the 3rd time. Tonight as I watch her flight path on the internet, I am playing my favorite European artists...Edith Piaf, Andrea Bocelli, and Frank Sinatra.

We lost power for about an hour. Talk about inconvenience. Can you say spoiled? I was trying to journal here about how much Jennifer means to me and how I wish I were sitting next to her on that plane.

I had actually done an illustrious job of describing her need for independence and adventure. And then bam, everything went black. After stumbling to the kitchen for candles and matches and extracting my hand from the soft butter dish I decide to watch a little TV. After realizing that the TV has a cord running into the electrical outlet in the wall, I gave up and headed to bed.  I'll read a bit until I fall asleep. No light. Unfortunately for me, Melissa needs the flashlight WITH batteries to study for a chemistry test.

Maybe I'll use the solitude to say a little prayer for that Boeing 747 and it's precious cargo.

I don't know what compels her to Paris, I question if it has much to do with the city itself, but everything to do with how she learned to be on her own there and yet totally reliant on God. The flight track says her plane is on schedule to land in about 20 minutes. She has a layover in Frankfurt, Germany and then on to Paris, France. She arrives at 5:30 am on Feb 3. I wonder if I will get much sleep tonight.

Au Revoir

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