March Madness

7:00a So tired, want sleepy, need to see Melissa off before I can't anymore.

7:30a Scavenge around for breakfast food. No luck.

8:00a Figure out what to check off my list during lunch hour.

8:30a Try to pack a lunch, hoping against hope that someone went to the grocery store between 7 & 8

8:45a Start my car because it is STILL ridiculously cold.

9 - 5 What a way to make a living

5:30p Change clothes, pack for evening at h.s. Why would I think anything different about dinner food?

5:45p Begin 9-lap trek with the only form of entertainment being a couple of birthday banners on about 1% of the 8,000 blue lockers

6:30p Check in for work assignments on set construction crew

6:35-9:35 Paint skyscraper....somebody better remember to thank me in their cast bio.

10:00p Head home, throw in a load, charge iPod, view dishes in sink, maybe catch some Tivo

11:30p What would be wrong with going to bed now? No, I start on WORKING head shot boards for lobby. This IS going to be a great show!

What am I doing on here?

I'm looking forward to various occasions.
Spring Break in the midwest
Angela's baby shower
Easter with family
Baseball opening day
Road Trip 8.19.05 - 9.09.05 Maybe I should play those numbers

Could I care less about Michael Jackson and Martha Stewart?

I'm bored with my blog. I wish I knew somebody that could make me a cool layout.
What am I still doing on here?

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