Morning Walk

Only 8 days left until a glorious spring in West Michigan! Hint Hint

I'm getting serious now, because in a laughable sort of way, it's ridiculously beautiful.

Our high school production of the Broadway Musical "Working" is in the books. The whole thing seemed a little "iffy" to me from the very start. Vignettes, monologues, song and dance about the everyday working man?? No real story line. High School kids trying to portray steel workers, factory employees, cleaning women, and retirees? 18 lead roles? Not to mention that it closed on broadway after 2 weeks.

But oh my good gosh! Once again, I stand in awe of the fact that a high school cast can do the work, pull together, put aside petty teen-age differences, and perform like pro's when they finally hit the stage.

At the end I couldn't really decide on my favorite songs, (except for Melissa, of course) Each performer nailed their act and the whole company seemed like a big family. I think the loudest applause came from backstage.

No one impressed me more than the mother of this awesome family Molly L. I say.... it would still be open on broadway if she would have had anything to do with it. Thankfully she didn't take her talents to New York and both of my girls have had the privilege to study under her.

Melissa, you continue to amaze me, not only with your talent, but with your attitude, hard work, new skills (how about that playbill?), leadership, and determination. I have a strong feeling this will not be your last musical!

Hey Somebody....namely Allegros!

If I Could Have Been anywhere else the last three nights, I wouldn't. You have worked All The Livelong Day... and even though Un Mejor Dia Venora, you will always have this accomplishment to your credit and it WILL be Something To Point To.

So take a bow, fade to black, and keep Movin'

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