Happy Bastille Day

Flicking around the channels last night while catching up on The Tour de France and landed on a new reality TV show..."Brat Camp". Troubled kids whose parents thought it would be a good idea if the whole world could watch them get straightened out. Hmmmm. Not much new...we are in working mode now. Seriously. Had a hump day happy hour with Kate...and tonight we're going to take a break and sneak into Club at camp. We won't have another opportunity to see all three in action up there. And Ben said if we came on Thursdays he could send us down the zip line with an arsenal of water balloons to hurl at campers out on the game field. We'll be armed with the still and video camera so hopefully I can update the web page soon. Yeah, so not much new...Hypothetically speaking, when at the edge of something new and exciting I say jump in with both feet.

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